UCL UNISON branch launched a campaign to bring all outsourced workers back in house in December 2018. After months of campaigning UCL are starting to take notice, however pressure is needed for them to take the campaign seriously. This is why UCL UNISON have started an online petition, to spread the word far and wide within and outside of UCL. This is very important to their members and Goldsmiths’ UNISON branch are offering their solidarity and support by supporting their campaign and sharing their petition with our members and colleagues. 


You can find the petition at https://action.unison.org.uk/page/40366/petition/1


And to learn more about the campaign, please take a look at the UCL UNISON website and twitter page:






On Thursday 4th April at 1pm, UNISON @ UCL will be holding a protest on in-sourcing in the Main Quad (opposite Cruciform), calling on UCL to bring their outsourced workers back in-house.  Other UNISON GLR HE branches are invited to attend and show their solidarity and support.  For further info re the protest please email Jack Phipps – j.phipps@unison.co.uk