Sheila Faucher

Branch Secretary
Labour Link officer
Library Steward

Location: RB
Tel: 7110

Chris Boone

Welfare Officer

Location: RB
Tel: 7189

Stephanie Paczensky

Finance Steward
Women Members Rep

Location: WB 218
Tel: 7941

Jacqueline Ahwieh

Branch Treasurer
Black Members Rep
Theatre & Performance Steward

Location: RHB170
Tel: 7418

Rukayat A Oyeniyi

Domestics Steward

Dan Lernihan

Communications Officer
LGBT Members Rep

Location: CGB Flr 2
Tel: 2232

Richard von Abendorff

International Officer

Location: WB 216
Tel: 7931

Elaine Medley

Health & Safety Officer

Location: SJH 1
Tel: 7481

James Mulondo

Domestics Steward

Nils Hagelberg

Disabled Members Rep

Location: CGB Flr 2

Clarre Thomas

Minutes Secretary

Location: CGB Flr 2
Tel: 3141

Anna Tango Cadete and Priya Bose

Students Union Stewards

Sarah Willerton

Membership Officer
Student Recruitment Steward
Social Events Organiser

Location: CGB Flr 2
Tel: 3386

Our Representatives to JNCC are:
Sheila Faucher & Jacqueline Ahwieh


Our Representative to Health & Safety Committee is:
Elaine Medley


Regional Council:
Chris Boone and Sheila Faucher


HR & Equalities Committee:
Sheila Faucher


National Delegate Conference:
Sarah Willerton, Jacqueline Ahwieh, Dan Lernihan

Our vacant branch committee posts are:

  • Education Officer

  • Learning Rep

  • Branch young members’ officer

  • Branch retired members’ officer

  • Environmental officer


You can find out more about these roles at and if you’re interested in joining our branch committee please contact our branch secretary.