The UNISON office is located in Room RHB 212 (First Floor). Please make sure you have booked a consultation session via email before visiting the Office. 

Branch Committee

Branch committees meet monthly and are responsible for running all branch business between full members’ meetings.

Branch Officers

Some members are elected by their workforce to play different branch roles and all branches must elect certain core officers. These officers have a remit of the whole branch.

Sheila Faucher

Branch Secretary
Labour Link officer
Library Steward



Location: RB
Tel: 7110

Chris Boone

Welfare Officer
Library Steward


Clarre Thomas

Minutes Secretary
Joint branch Equality Co-ordinator


Maria Wright

Joint Health and Safety Officer
Joint branch Equality Co-ordinator


Dan Lernihan

Communications Officer
LGBT+ Members Rep


Sarah Willerton

Branch Treasurer
Social Events Organiser


Nils Hagelberg

Disabled Members Rep


Jane-May Martin

Joint Womens’ Members Rep


Rukayat Oyeniyi

Joint Womens’ Members Rep


Elaine Medley

Joint Health & Safety Officer
Estates & Facilities Steward


Location: SJH 1
Tel: 7481

Branch Stewards

Workplace stewards are the heart of our trade union. Our stewards help to organise colleagues and are the first point of contact for members in their department.

Rukayat A Oyeniyi

Estates & Facilities Steward

Martins Lijoka

Estates & Facilities Steward


Students Union Stewards

James Mulondo

Estates & Facilities Steward

Steve Adeniyi

Estates & Facilities Steward

Kate Geller

Student Experience Steward



Steven Adeniyi

Estates & Facilities Steward

Faustina Darling

Estates & Facilities Steward

Amaniampong Atakora

Estates & Facilities Steward

Sarah Akapo

Estates & Facilities Steward

Oluwafolakemi Adeyeye

Estates & Facilities Steward

Baffour Kwatia

Estates & Facilities Steward

Workplace Contacts

The role of a workplace contact is to let your branch know what’s happening in your workplace, and to help the union get messages to its members. It’s a good learning opportunity and starting point to get involved in the union.

Our Representatives to JNCC are:
Sheila Faucher & Clarre Thomas


Our Representative to Health & Safety Committee is:
Elaine Medley & Maria Wright


Regional Council:
Chris Boone and Sheila Faucher


HR & Equalities Committee:
Clarre Thomas and Maria Wright


National Delegate Conference:
Sarah Willerton & Clarre Thomas


UNISON Regional Council Conference:
Sheila Faucher & Chris Boone


Racial Justice Board:
Sheila Faucher


Our vacant branch committee posts are:

  • Learning Rep

  • Branch young members’ officer

  • Branch retired members’ officer

  • International officer

  • Branch membership officer

You can find out more about these roles at www.unison.org.uk/about/our-organisation/activists/branch-roles/ and if you’re interested in joining our branch committee please contact our branch secretary.