For members that are on strike action we would recommend using the following template for your personal out of office:

Thank you for your email. I am currently taking part in strike action as part of my trade union’s (UNISON) dispute with our employer over planned compulsory redundancies and pay cuts for those in tranche one.

Despite a high uptake in the VSS scheme which, in UNISON’s opinion, would mitigate the need for compulsory redundancies Goldsmiths have refused to take this option off the table. UNISON have repeatedly asked for compulsory redundancies to be removed and to negotiate with UNISON on the planned pay cuts and re-grading but Goldsmiths has not budged, despite repeated requests and opportunities.

I will respond to your email after my return to work. My next working day is [insert date].

What you can do to support the strike:

  • Retweet, share and use the hashtag #GoldStrike on social media
  • Express your support at our picket line outside your working/study hours