As well as issues within the workplace we also wanted to keep you all up-to-date with issues within our local community. One such issue is Opposing the far right in Lewisham East by-election, and details of the campaign events, provided and organised by Lewisham Together, can be found below:

Diary of events
Opposing the far right in Lewisham East by-election

Friday 8th

  • Be ready to respond if we hear of community venue being used by For Britain – Mark and others exploring and will update on Whatsapp group.

Saturday 9th

  • 10am – Joining Labour Party session at Downham – junction of Moorside Road and Downham Way – Giving out our leaflets door to door.  Amina, Tony, Rebecca (07969 170 039)
  • 7pm – (but you can arrive earlier) event outside Islamic Centre, Lewisham High Street – Bring banners etc soon after 9pm we will join the Centre in breaking the fast. Share the Facebook event here

Sunday 10th

  • 2pm-4pm – Joining Labour Party session at Grove Park – Burnt Ash Methodist Church, Burnt Ash Hill – Giving out our leaflets door to door. Tony and others (07957 210 924)

Monday 11th

Station Leafletings: Please do not post publically but share with networks.

  • 5:30-6:30pm – Lee Station. Richard, Mark (07919 843 870)
  • 5:30-6:30pm – Catford Bridge station forecourt. Shaka, Amina, Rebecca  (07969 170 039)

For both please Email indicating which event you will go to  so we have enough people  at each event
Tuesday 12th

  • 6pm – Protest the hustings at Salvation Army. Brownhill Road, Catford SE6 – If the hustings is cancelled then we will wait until 7pm and then solidarity march to Lewisham Islamic Centre. Share the Facebook event here

Thursday 14th – Election Day

Friday 15th

  • Protest the far right at the count – details later

Background on the threat in Lewisham East

Assorted fascists racists and Islamophobes are being urged to descend on Lewisham this weekend, and the following Tuesday. They want to build their racist intervention in the local by election. Wherever these racists go, unless they are outnumbered, they hurt people.

‘For Britain’ is the paper thin political invention of Britain First’s Ann Marie Waters. She is mobilising those attending a national demonstration of the ‘Democratic Football Lads Alliance’ on Saturday in central London, a far right alliance including football hooligans and neo- Nazis, and all in support of imprisoned English Defence league EDL leader Tommy Robinson. After this group marched in Leeds recently a mosque was firebombed. They recently outnumbered anti-fascists in London.

It is high time we show them they shall not pass.

Racists, fascists and Islamophobes must not be appeased, they must be opposed. There is no place for them in our community. 
The community is uniting to respond and stand up to this attempt to undermine, intimidate and attack, our diverse community:

  1. The mass community initiative Lewisham Together, Saturday 9th June in central Lewisham see poster attached, is supported by or MP Vicky Foxcroft and Lewisham Mayor Damien Egan with many unions and local councillors support. Bring your union banners!
  2. There is a campaign to ban the hustings with racist candidate, as Anne Marie Waters hopes to speak at in the Salvation Army hall in Catford, near the mosque and synagogue and in the heart of the community. The several candidates have said they refuse to share a platform (with Vicky Foxcroft MP and Damien Egan (Mayor) and many others supporting this).

If you are concerned:

  1. Please share this information with members
  2. Express your support
  3. Display the poster attached ASAP
  4. There are other events, including mass leafleting, email for more information or sign up to our mailing list 

From Lewisham Together Against Islamophobia, Racism and Fascism